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657 By Matt Pilcher (PDF)





Matt Pilcher has become synonymous with creative card magic, and his latest project ‘657’ is a true showcase of his brilliantly clever magical mind.

In this PDF Matt teaches not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR card tricks that all utilize his incredibly inventive ‘657’ method.
What’s even greater is ALL four tricks are easy to do and quick to learn, so if you want to learn a new card trick to impress your fellow magi friends this weekend then this will be perfect for you.

These tricks can easily and quickly be added into your working repertoire and ALL of them use a standard deck of cards.

Let’s have a quick look at the tricks you’ll be learning,

‘Name Their Card Vol.657’
From a shuffled deck your spectator selects a card, it’s a 100% free choice, they don’t put the card back, you don’t sneak a peek at their chosen card and yet INSTANTLY you can name their card!

‘Find Their Cards Vol.657’
From a shuffled deck two spectators make a 100% free selection, both cards are returned and shuffled BY THE SPECTATORS THEMSELVES as you, the magician looks away. The cards are spread on the table and INSTANTLY you can find their cards.

‘Jelly Roll Gloom Vol.657’
Possibly the greatest name for a card trick EVER! (And just so you know Matt DOES explain why the trick is called Jelly Roll Gloom) In this effect the cards (like in all these tricks) are shuffled to begin with, your spectator then names out loud any card in the deck. The spectator then begins dealing down cards (face down) one at a time til you say stop, once you’ve stopped them you instruct your spectator to look at the next card and… To their amazement it is the card they randomly named at the beginning.

And last but certainly not least,
‘Perfect Order Vol.657’
This effect is worthy of a savant! The cards are shuffled, a spectator names a suit and all the cards of that suit are removed from the deck, with only a few seconds to look at their order you can shuffle the cards face down into numerical order in under 20 seconds.
This is like the rubik’s cube but with playing cards!

Each of these tricks could easily be sold separately at $10 each, but you’re getting ALL FOUR OF THEM for JUST $14.95! That’s less than $4 a trick.
So what are you waiting for? Add to cart now, download, learn, and start performing new awesome material tonight!

The 657 method is uncovered by it’s creator in THIS download.
See you on the other side!