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A.C.T.S of Mentalism by Marc Paul 1-2




AAA Effects (Amazing, Anytime, Anyplace effects)

Classic Effects

Themed and Trade Show Effects


AAA Effects

These are mostly close-up effects that can be performed in any environment. They take very little preparation and use a minimal amount of props, normally just a pen and a few business cards. Marc will teach…

· Two completely impromptu “Billet Reading Systems” that will enable you to reveal ANY thought the spectator cares to think about.

· A detailed session on visually deceptive billet switches.

· A detailed session on the Centre Tear.

· The AAA Booktest including a brand new presentation of the effect.

· How to make small effects play big.

Classic Effects

In this section Marc will teach his personal handlings of three massive corner stones of mentalism…

· Cassidy’s classic “Name & Place” (Two variations)

· A two envelope streamline version of “4th Dimensional Telepathy” which completely eliminates the one-ahead.

· A bonus version of 4DT that is super easy and incorporates an unusual method.

· Annemann’s “Telepathy Plus” updated, streamlined and modernised.

When learned correctly these three routines will provide you with a solid time tested framework on which to build a complete mentalism act.

Themed Effects:

Over the years Marc has had to create many bespoke effects for the purpose of promoting a company’s product or service. These effects were used at corporate events and trade shows. By their very nature they are designed to be flexible and can be tailored to pretty much fit any product or service. To working professionals these are worth their weight in gold!

· An overview of this lucrative field.

· The Three Benefits, a stand-up routine for corporate speakers.

· Trade Show Drawing Duplication.

· Conover’s Concept. A genius idea from the late and great Tim Conover.

· Applied Free Will. An extremely flexible application of the “Free Will” principle.

· No Memory! A clever envelope routine that enables you to deliverexactly the messages your client wants BUT without having to memorize a single word.


These routines are designed to really blow audiences minds! They feature multiple reveals that escalate towards a climax.

· “Three Envelopes and Nine Reveals”. This is a streamlined version of Marc’s envelope test that first appeared on his Penguin Live lecture. Over the last few years and after many conversations with Nick Einhorn it has become the show stopping finale to one of Marc’s cruise ship acts.

· Close –up Version by Nick Einhorn

· Structuring Reveals

· Thoughts on “Challenge Thought”

· The Ultimate Solution?


There will also be a couple of bonus close-up magic routines taught. Marc has kept these to himself for years and feels that the time is right to share…

· Climax Mental Photograhy Routine. This is the routine Marc has closed at tables with for the last 20 years. He’s never shared it until now!

· Table Hoppers Linking Finger Ring Routine. Yep, that’s right, a close –up table hopping version of the classic Linking Finger Rings, that does NOT use a Himber Ring! This is a reputation maker!