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Abhinav Bothra – S.S.A. Simple Sleightless ACAAN


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Abhinav Bothra – S.S.A.: Simple Sleightless ACAAN

This is what happens: You introduce 3 cards with 3 simple questions:
Q1. Name a number
Q2. Name a suit
Q3. Name a value

That get answered alternatively by the participant and the performer. You unbox the deck of cards and demonstrate the participant to deal down the cards to their number, the participant does the same and it is his/her named card at the named number.

– No Forces
– No Pre-show
– No Dual Reality
– No Duplicate Cards / Multiple Decks
– No Sleight-of-hand (can also be done with Jumbo Cards)
– Deck can be given out as Souvenir.
– Easy to learn (you can perform this within 15 minutes)

The download comes with a video file for better explanation of certain elements.

Honest notes:
The questions are a little different than what is written above (for protecting the secret), but during performance if you recap the situation after the 3 questions get answered and refer to the questions as written above – nobody will raise a brow.

Although there is no sleight here, you’ll have to do ‘something’ which gets covered by the presentation. 10% of the times you’ll have a truly Hands-off ACAAN. For the other 90% that ‘something’ (which is perfectly logical) has to be done.

UPDATE (YEAR 2018) :: Some new significant additions have been done to this eBook (thus calling it 2.0) raising the possibility of having a CLEAN / HANDS OFF ACAAN to 35%.

PDF: 10 pages