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Abnormal Behavior With Borrowed Cards by Ran Pink (PDF)





In this 25 page e-book you’ll receive three mentalism effects from Ran’s personal repertoire that utilize a borrowed deck of playing cards. These three effects make up the routine that you can perform in casual situations when presented with a deck of cards or if a pack just happens to be laying around.

Ran has created a short card set that is purely mental. He wanted something simple, practical yet something that would fry some minds. The methods and presentation would have to be fun and entertaining and would leave people with a feeling that they experienced something special. This is it.

The routine includes three takes on classic premises. The names should tell you what those are.

Th(P)ink Of A Card – A participant is shown some playing cards and asked to think of one. The mentalist and the participant share a daydream. The mentalist can see what the participant sees and reveals the thought of card.

PinkCAN – A thought of playing card ends up at a position in the deck that only existed in the participant’s imagination.

Out Of Pink’s World – The Ran Pink twist on Paul Curry’s Out Of This World. The participant mysteriously and intuitively separates face down cards into red and black piles.