Absence by Sean Fields




The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows…

Sean Fields proudly presents absence, his take on the classic Annemann effect, The Phantom Artist.


A spectator thinks of a celebrity, and you have them examine a matchbook. You take the matchbook back, and have them sign it.

You then light a match, and light the cover of the matchbook on fire; the spectator watches as the cover burns and smolders away. Just before the cover is completely destroyed, you blow out the flame, and let the embers die down… The spectators watch in quizzical fascination as you remove your phone, and turn on the flashlight, and are absolutely awe-struck when you shine the light at the matchbook cover, and the burn impossibly creates a perfect silhouette of the celebrity they thought of!

The spectator is allowed to keep this impossible piece of art as a souvenir!

This is absence.