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Adrian Vega Penguin Live Online Lecture




Deck Stab – A new idea about the classic Stabbed Card. For the first time you can stab the deck of cards completely, but only one signed card will stick to the knife. Visual magic and comedy.

Snap Aparition – Very visual apparition of one card from the middle of the deck while you riffle the deck. Easy and quick.

My “Carta Gafe” – Perfect example of theory magic as an economy of movements, clean and natural movements, misdirection…. with a very amazing ending. Four aces looks like the selected card, but, suddenly, nothing is what seems.

Party Time – Great version of Mystery Box or Open Prediction that allows you to perform the card in the box. But this time it’s in clear view from the beginning and much more organic, only with one transparent shot glass.

Four Fly Restored – Four pieces from one card flying hand to hand as a classical 3-fly, but this time restoring at the same time. Super visual and practical.

4 for CAAN – Very clean version of CAAN with no duplicates, only one normal deck of cards, and the spectator thinks of and counts to the number. No change, nothing, just magic… and one tool.

Just The Tool – Adrian Vega explains step by step how to make this “Card gimmick” and his personal handling to show it as quick as possible and while never looking at it. A lot of possibilities.

Impossible Opener – Great opening taking advantage of one gag to create a miracle in the spectator’s mind. Another beautiful piece coming from his working repertoire and his competition act.

Screwed Card 1.1. – After the release of Screwed Card, this new version of the trick has the same powerful moments and the same impossible gift for the audience, but this time it is perfect for walk around. You don’t even have to carry your deck with you – just a few half cards. Two signed pieces are restored in the most crazy way, ending with poetic ending that your audience will love!

Ending Card Box – Visual effect where the card box is transformed into a big poster of whatever you want. It is great to start or to end a magic card session. Infinity possibilities.

Every single magic trick is practical, powerful and very commercial!