Anything by Ben Williams




Mentalism is an amazing form of entertainment and one of the last true believable feats of mystery entertainment left.​

Anything is a piece of mentalism Ben Williams has been using in his professional repertoire for many years now. It ALWAYS gets a HUGE reaction, and the best part is that Anything is so easy! Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned pro, we are absolutely sure you will LOVE performing Anything; it is one of those routines that is so simple, yet so devastating for an audience that you can’t help but smile inside whenever you perform it!

Anything is a full routine taught to you in full by Ben, this is not a new propless piece of mentalism or psychological technique. Anything is a routine born out of classic mentalism. Ben has shaped this routine over many years working out the most streamlined and effective way to perform, making sure it hits spectators HARD every time it is performed.

Performing Anything you can predict practically ANY piece of information. Here are a few things that you can EASILY predict using Anything:

The name of someone you have never met
A birthday of a stranger
Pocket change
Freely thought of lottery numbers
EVEN actions, predict what item someone will point to in a room for example.