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AOK by Lewis Lé Val




“Lewis’ thought process is one we should all be envious of, his ideas are fresh and the way he executes them is flawless.

His style and choice of premise is always interesting and outside the box and every time we sit and jam I leave feeling inspired.

He’s a legend.” Peter Turner

“A.O.K. is without a doubt one of the best mind reading routines I’ve ever learnt. It’s direct, it’s strong, it’s easy to do and it’s FLEXIBLE. Regardless of the situation, this has become a staple in my act.” Dee Christopher

“Lewis is an EXPERT in the art of mentalism.” Phil Star

Imagine being able to walk into a room knowing nothing, and walk out knowing everything…

Imagine going to a gig with NOTHING but a pen and some business cards and being able to blow the minds of every table…

Art Of Knowing by “Mind Control Freaks” star Lewis Léval combines two powerful techniques to create a direct mentalism powerhouse.

This 40 minute video download will teach you not only how to reveal your audiences drawings, but how to create spookily accurate personal, “psychic-style” readings.

GET THIS: Whether you’re performing for one person, or TEN people, the technique is the exactly the same, and all you will need is a pen and some business cards. (Or even a piece of paper ripped into a few pieces!)

100% impromptu. 100% accurate. 100% compelling.

Leave your thumb writers and impression devices at home; all you need is the know-how you’ll get from watching Lewis explain this secret in intricate detail.


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