Artist Visual: Ball & Card Manipulation by Lukas




The Artist Project, is a series of DVD sets that introduce you to the vast compilation of the Korean manipulator Lukas’ works. Lukas has been performing and teaching magic in South Korea for almost 10 years, and has produced many successful professional magicians. You will see him perform, and teach his stylish modern stage magic, especially in the field of manipulation. They are all non-verbal lectures, teaching you the most basic skills to the truly magical techniques.

Artist Visual is a 2 DVD set teaching you Card and Ball manipulation in the most evolved, modern form. It also shows you various methods to apply manipulation techniques in a stage act, Lukas’ interpretations of classic moves, and his amazing original manipulation routines.

In Artist Visual, you will find basic techniques, classic moves, and over 11 original routines each on card and ball manipulations.

Disc One – Card Manipulation

    • Eclipse
    • Blossom
    • Portal
    • Take Five
    • Scorpion
    • Ivory
    • Inception
    • Morph
    • Cactus
    • Spiral
    • One
    • Classic1
    • Classic2

Disc Two – Ball Manipulation

    • Fabric
    • Square
    • Point
    • Trinity
    • Set Piece
    • Recurring
    • Tetris
    • Draw
    • Delusion
    • This Plus
    • Climax