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BANDIT by Darryl Davis & Daryl Williams




The most shocking magic doesn’t happen in your hands. After all, you do sleight-of-hand; magic is SUPPOSED to happen in your hands.


And BANDIT not only happens inside your spectators’ hands…WHEN it happens, they lose their s#!t.

Here’s how the trick looks:

1) You CLEANLY display two rubber bands. You place one of them inside your spectator’s hand. She can see it there—just one band—until the very last second, when she closes her hand.

2) You take the second rubber band…and make it disappear in the CLEANEST WAY CONCEIVABLE. It goes into your hand…and then IT’S JUST GONE. You can show both hands front and back. Nowhere to be found.

3) She opens her hand…and, you guessed it: The second rubber band has REAPPEARED INSIDE HER HAND, along with the first one.

4) She FREAKS the f*#k out. (I include this as a step of the trick because it happens pretty much every time.)

Video Demo


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