Blankrupt by Josh Janousky




The “Omni” plot is immensely popular. And for a good reason. It’s stunning and spectators love it. But there is an inherent problem with it. It’s always the magician’s item that changes.

Imagine if you could borrow an item from a spectator. A deeply personal and precious item. And change it to a clear, perspex version.

Thanks to the inventive Josh Janousky, now you can.

“Blankrupt” lets you borrow a credit card/ID/drivers’ license and with a wave of your hand transform it to an “omni” card instantly. And you can immediately hand it out for examination. Then, when you desire, you return it to its natural state. Or make it appear from your wallet, or other impossible location.

Direct, visual, organic magic at its very best.

This is something you will always carry in your wallet and always want to perform.

The informed among you will realise that Alan Rorrison had some work on this plot, but fear not, this is released with his blessing.