BRAIN WAVED by Jean-Pierre Vallarino




How about presenting a miracle where a thought-of card, signed and removed from a normal deck, changes color?
And, the deck had already been examined and shuffled by the spectator!!!
Without any change?


A new method for a miraculous effect!
When a normal card, freely chosen (or simply thought of prior to its being removed from the deck) changes color…
Keep in mind that everything is done under these strict conditions:

You are using a normal deck (examinable before, during and after the trick)
It is shuffled
A card is chosen freely (or simply thought of prior to its removal)
This card is taken out of the deck and signed
The spectator can change his mind
No force
No accomplice
No change
At the end of the effect, you can leave the card as a souvenir with your phone number, for example.

In the spectator’s mind, there is nothing.
Nothing, nothing and nothing.
Everything is clean.
This is maybe the most magical: get such a result with all these conditions!