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Branden Wolf Dalton Wayne and Nicholas Lawrence Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will they teach?
Dalton wayne:

strawRINGthing — An anti gravity effect using nothing but a borrowed ring and straw that ends with a strong impactful moment of astonishment!

Permanent Ink — A diabolical method of MOVING real shaprie ink from one point to another

TAB — A TNR effect using an ordinary card box!

Nicholas Lawrence:

The Rising — A signed card rises from the bottom of the deck all the way to top, one handed, and completely impromptu.

Portal Pack — A visual transposition using the selection and the entire deck of cards and also completely impromptu.

Star Struck — Learn how to construct an easy utility gimmick that allows for a visual jumping ink effect, like no other using a signed selection.

Branden Wolf:

Quattro the Fourth — A seated, table-less, Coins Across routine from his 2K18 lecture notes, “A Coin Magic Lecture by Branden Wolf”. Four coins travel from hand-to-hand, one-by-one. Ending with a surprise production of the fourth coin on your lap.

Lap Dance (The 6th Point) — A disccsuion on how to ultize your lap, and body articulation, while seated, and without a table. An extension of thought from Juan’s “The Five Points in Magic” book.