Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel




Perform BELIEVABLE magic and create true ASTONISHMENT anywhere at any time!

“I laughed out-loud during the trailer, and the smile never left my face. Now I just need to convince you to teach me the secret… I hope there’s a secret.โ€ โ€“ Maxwell Murphy, co-founder of Penguin Magic

THE EFFECT: Breaking Point is an effect which allows you to dislocate your finger and then bend it in impossible ways. The routine consists of 3 parts:

1. Dislocating the finger – making it pop out of the socket
2. Bending the finger (multiple versions)
3. Popping the finger back in place

“This is a great effect! The cracking of the finger is pure eye and ear candy.” – Joe Rindfleisch, the creator of Fracture

The effect has been tested for several years and never fails to amaze people. Usually people donโ€™t believe in magic, but sometimes with this effect when I’ve told my spectators that itโ€™s NOT real… they don’t believe me! This is an effect your spectators WILL remember and gives you the reputation of being able to do more than just magic tricks.

“Hahahah, I love it!!! So good!”- Adam Wilber, creator of Decibel, Pyro

No gimmicks
Doesn’t need flexible fingers
Finger is fully examinable ๐Ÿ™‚