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Bright Spark part 1 By Jamie Daws




Jamie Daws – ‘Bright Spark’ – NOW AVAILABLE AS A TWO PART DOWNLOAD. PART 1 contains SEVEN original effects and moves to put the spark back into your close-up repertoire!

Jamie’s other F52 two releases, ‘SCARED’ and ‘THE GATHERING’, were best sellers and widely applauded for their originality and practicality. ‘Bright Spark’ is his first multi-trick release with no less than 13 items on offer!

In part 1 you’ll learn the amazing ‘PING’ where an elastic band instantly, visually and effortlessly penetrates through a water bottle along with 6 more killer close-up creations!

Ping – An elastic band passes effortlessly though a water bottle!
Hole Business – A ‘black hole’ slides around your business cards!
Instnase – Jamie’s smart handling of the Erdnase Colour Change!
The Puppeteer – It’s like you’ve got the spectator on a string!
Blank Thoughts – Your spectator stops dealing on the last printed card in the deck!
Casino Strings – Ever wondered how Casino’s keep you inside for so long?
Bottoms Up – These Jokers are definitely WILD!