Bright Spark part 2 By Jamie Daws




Jamie Daws – ‘Bright Spark’ – NOW AVAILABLE AS A TWO PART DOWNLOAD. Part 2 contains 6 original effects and moves to put the spark back into your close-up repertoire!

Jamie’s other F52 releases, ‘SCARED’ and ‘THE GATHERING’, were best sellers and widely applauded for their originality and practicality. ‘Bright Spark’ sees Jamie in his first multi-trick DVD with no less than 13 items on offer!

On Part 2, Jamie shares ‘Psychological Smoker’ in which the health warning on the packet changes to reveal the name of a selection…then all the cigarettes vanish from inside and in their place is the folded card itself!

You’ll also learn the excellent ‘X-Change’ in which a marked coin effortlessly melts up through a stack of coins, one coin at a time!

Psychological Smoker – The health warning on the packet changes…for starters!
Simple Mix – An ‘in the hands’ triumph handling!
Colouring – A killer colour changing deck!
X-Change – A marked coin travels effortlessly up through a stack!
Flip Top Control – A devious card 2 card transpo/control technique!
Spinning Wheel Change – A beautiful double colour change!