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C3Poker by R. Paul Wilson




C3 by R Paul Wilson took the world by storm. It’s been performed by some of the most famous magicians in the world on international television, was performed by Shin Lim on America’s Got Talent, and absolutely devastated the audiences that saw it. Now it’s back with some new twists, additional handlings, and is designed for a more intimate one on one performance style. If you’ve ever wanted to perform C3 for a single spectator instead of a group, now you can. This is R Paul Wilson’s C3Poker.

Here’s what happens:

A spectator peeks at a card, and then shuffles the deck. The magician tells them they are going to play a game of poker where the winning card is just the one they are thinking of. The spectator chooses how many poker hands to deal out and which one they want. In the end they discover that they are not only holding the card they are thinking of, but their kicker is they are also holding the aces.

R. Paul Wilson goes into fantastic detail on this updated handling of his best selling effect. In addition he teaches a variation where the spectator deals themself a royal flush. If you already own C3 you’ll appreciate the extra tips and tricks that R. Paul Wilson has been holding back for himself until now. Check out C3Poker.