Caanwich by David Jonathan




CAANWICH is a hybrid of two staples of card magic, Card At Any Number and the Sandwich plot. Elements of these classics are blended seamlessly into a fooling routine where the spectator finds the mate of a chosen card in an incredible way from a deck that was just shuffled! No gimmicks needed and you will learn an underused utility move that can be applied to many other routines!

The Effect: An ordinary pack of cards is shuffled and a card is selected. The spectator freely stabs this card into the pack in an attempt to locate its mate. The cards directly above and below it are now removed from the pack. These mystery cards sandwiching their selection are both dramatically turned face up but neither is the mate to their card. However, what if they actually DID find the location of the mate? The values of the two cards are added together and the spectator deals to that number. The mate is bang on at that position in the deck!

You will love performing CAANWICH, so download it today!