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Cassandra’s Dream by Lewis Le Val




Cassandra’s Dream by Lewis Le Val is a mind reading routine with a unique premise; not only will you reveal a dream they have had in the past, you’ll also provide them with a lasting moment of magic through a prediction of a dream they will have in the near future.

With just a stack of blank cards and a pen, alongside a clever set up and method, you’ll be ready to present this beautiful story and powerful effect at a moment’s notice.

Here’s what happens:

1. You tell a story of a mystic who would take a person’s pillow home to sleep on and in doing so could tell them everything they dreamed about.

2. You have a participant write down a dream they had lately, which is placed face down on the table.

3. Somehow, you intuitively reveal which side the participant sleeps on, and in touching them on that shoulder, you begin to receive impressions…

4. You can then reveal the dream they were thinking of, and finally leave them with a souvenir in the form of a written prediction of a dream they will have in the near future.

Two handlings of this effect are taught, for walk around and for table hopping; but as this effect is all about the connection between you and your participant, it can even play on stage!

You will receive the original, unreleased video download, shot in 2016 on location in England as well as a newly written PDF accompaniment with all of Le Val’s latest work on this bewitching routine.