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Casual Magic by ben williams





The whole purpose of this Alakazam Course is to teach some of the casual magic Ben loves to perform. This is coffee house magic, or magic that is perfect for social get togethers. The effects mostly use everyday objects, some have a sneaky simple setup, some are impromptu. Ben will go into each effect in depth not only teaching the mechanics (which are all simple) but also ways to get into the magic and his thoughts on performing impromptu magic and how to you can easily flow from conversation into a piece of magic, making it seem even more miraculous. Expect some fun magic and mentalism with mobile phones, sugar packets, banknotes, rings, sweets, business cards and more.


SWEEEET – A myriad of tricks with sugar packets, including Ben’s simple coin in sugar packet and a Sugar cube effect with a surprise ending

ENVELOAD – This is Ben’s simple gimmick that costs pennies to make that will allow you to load sealed envelopes.

ANYWHERE PRINCIPLE – A way to perform impossible location effects with random objects

iPHONE THRU TABLE – As it sounds! Also Ben will teach a cool iPhone vanish with things you can grab from a Starbucks counter.

INSTA-CON – A great trick to have that uses social media. A prediction is plucked from a video on your social media channel, with a twist!

OUT TO A MENTALIST’S LUNCH – A super simple way to get a full peek of a spectator’s thoughts, all mixed together with a presentation that will make you laugh.

PEEK 0.5 – With this effect you read a spectator’s mind and they see if they can read yours too! It also needs no more than a couple of business cards and a pen.

SERIAL – This is a super simple way to force a number using a borrowed banknote & a cool way to reveal it.