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Close Culls by Harapan Ong (PDF)





Alongside the double lift and the pinky break, the cull is perhaps the most important move in card magic. Few people do the move correctly, and even fewer use the move for anything other than secretly sorting cards. That all changes with Close Culls.

Singapore’s Harapan Ong is a leading expert on all things cull, and here he teaches the move in gorgeous, photographic detail. Everyone reading will learn the move. And then he explores new and exciting principles with the cull. Finally, he puts it all together with a collection of extraordinary and offbeat effects. This is a definitive treatise on this underused but critical sleight.

Like all of Vanishing Inc.’s publications, they have worked carefully with author Harapan Ong to produce an elegant, accurate, and fascinating collection. They treated this booklet as if it were a hardbound book. You’ll notice the quality immediately when you read through it, in both the instruction and the layout. The production values are what you expect from Vanishing Inc: cutting edge artwork, slick design, carefully edited prose, all in an attractive booklet.

This book was pre-sold at The Session 2014, and sold through the entire stock in under fifteen minutes. Now it is finally available to the magic world.

Here is a more detailed list of what you will find inside:

-The Spread Cull – A detailed explanation of the move
-The Cavorted Aces – A new treatment on the classic Cavorting Aces
-Cull the Police – The age-old robbers plot gets a modern facelift
-Full Deck Oil & Water – A great way to end your oil and water routine
-Two Heads are Better than One – An unusual application of the spread cull
-Slap Me Silly – A handling of Bill Goodwin’s “Slap Exchange”
-The Delayed Cull – A truly extraordinary move to do a cull while showing both sides of the pack
-The Cull Switch – Just what it sounds like … a switch with the cull!
-The Buckle Replacement – One of Harapan’s most prized original moves, finally tipped
-The Princess Card Trick Revisited – A great handling of the classic Princess Card Trick plot
-A Convincing Card Fold – Harapan has combined the cull with a devious card fold
-Cull-our Change – This visual transformation uses the cull and a little something else
-SwitchSand – The spread cull put to an intriguing use within a Sandwich routine
-Scattered Sandwich – A Sandwich routine that is destined to become a classic
-Indicated Replacements – Max Maven’s “Third Degree” given the cull treatment
-The Buckle-llectors – One of Harapan’s crowning achievements in both method and effect
-Utterly Mental Reverse – a direct application of Harapan’s Cull Tap Reversal