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Curtis Kam Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Formal Close Up, ala the Magic Castle’s Close Up Room. Also suitable for standup and parlor.

RAINMAKER: Starts with a new way to produce a coin, establishes his character and opens a creative space for the act to exist. This is Geoff Latta’s “Trick with Three Coins” melded with other effects (it’s better if you don’t know beforehand) and ending with the release of something that coin experts have been eagerly awaiting, a new and novel illusion known only as “the Drip”.

PUKASTICK: A signature comedy and character presentation for Dick Zimmerman’s “Slippery Stones”.

XBOX: This is it. Never before released in its entirety, the routine that energized today’s Okito Box movement. Hailed by experts as, “the best Okito Box routine ever”, XBOX not only includes just the very best effects possible with this prop, but it improves on each of them, introduces new moves, and defines an entirely new way to handle the box.

THE TEAR: Curtis’ personal handling of the classic cigarette paper effect, which closes his close up and standup shows with a smile, a tear, and flush of inspiration. He did not want to tip this, but since it was the closing moment of his Castle Act, we convinced him he had to.

CUPBORED: Simon Aronson’s brilliant conception made to play bigger and bolder for Parlor/Standup performance. This deep mystery closes Curtis Kam’s current standup act.