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Dani DaOrtiz Fool Us Act by Dani DaOrtiz




Featuring nearly 3.5 hours of instruction, “Dani DaOrtiz: The Fool Us Act” is available right now at a massively-discounted introductory rate as part of a special Cyber Monday release!

Dani DaOrtiz is a lifetime student of card magic. The star pupil of the legendary Juan Tamaraiz has established himself as one of the most incredible card magicians on the planet. His one-of-a-kind skills were on full display for the entire world as he fooled Penn and Teller, and every other magician watching the show, during his appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Social media and magic forums lit up following the performance. Many praised it as one of the best card magic acts to ever appear on the show. Dani had the entire audience in the palm of his hand and knocked both Penn and Teller out of their seats (literally). It was true joy to watch the two legends of magic have faces full of joy like little kids seeing a magic trick for the first time.

Attempting to describe this routine in writing would not do it any justice. We urge you to watch the full performance above before going any further. In simplest terms, it is a rapid-fire routine filled with a ton of hard-hitting magic moments that build toward a ridiculously clean and fair ACAAN that would make David Berglas proud.

Learn the Real Work
Now you can learn the secrets to this extraordinary routine that caused Penn to signal for the coveted Fool Us trophy without even attempting to guess how it was done. Not just the ACAAN, but the whole routine in its entirety. Despite how complex it looks, you’ll be shocked to discover how surprisingly simple the underlying concepts are. There is no advanced sleight of hand required.

That’s because Dani DaOrtiz is a master of understanding human psychology and spectator management. This routine is like a mini masterclass in how to truly engage an audience and create a moment that feels utterly impossible.

While the core of the ACAAN was first seen briefly in Dani DaOrtiz’s “Borrowed Deck Miracles”, this download is a deep dive into the entire routine. Dani shares the real work, explaining how each piece comes together to create the greater whole. You’re going to love Dani’s discussion of how he uses the earlier tricks to prime the audience and determine which spectator will be the best option to make sure the big finale is a huge success.

He teaches all the necessary methods for each separate trick, as well as how to tie them together into a super entertaining routine that is nearly impossible to backtrack. You’ll learn how to create a truly unforgettable experience for your audience.

The introductory pricing is only available during our Cyber Monday sale. Don’t miss your chance. Download “Dani DaOrtiz: The Fool Us Act” today!