David Peck and Brian Roberts Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will they teach?
David Peck:

FLURRY-US- A magical and playful jumbo coin routine that builds on the Kurtzian classic.

ACES- A four ace routine that can be done standing up and in a cocktail setting that is magical, practical and easy to do.

LEMON- A card appears in a lemon in a strong, magical and extraordinary routine that utilizes ideas from Stewart James, Al Baker and Derek Dingle to make for an effect that works well for small and large audiences.

THREADED- An elegant and sophisticated take on the Gypsy Thread as classic that will stand out as a reputation maker for the professional stage and/or parlor magician.

WOODEN- 3 matches vanish in David’s bare hands and reappear inside of a small matchbox in clear view of the audience.

CANED- A beautiful variation on the appearing cane that will knock the audiences socks off.

A TIGHTER WRAP- A lovely opening effect using a piece of gum. A real fooler. You’ll be surprised at the audience reactions.

Brian Roberts:

PENNYTRAIT- This time-traveling coin routine is intended to theatrically reframe a more typical flurry effect. This is Brian’s go-to routine when asked to perform magic and the resulting giveaway is a meaningful and memorable way to connect with your spectator.

POPSICLE- A signature piece, this stand-up, colour-changing sponge ball routine, features a beloved summertime snack. A comedic highlight of many of Brian’s performances. The give-away ending becomes a lesson memorable marketing.

STRANGE ATTRACTION- A copper-silver routine in which the coin’s physical properties are temporarily altered. This is a formal, multi-phased routine that can be performed without the use of a table, making it ideally suited for the strolling performer.

PRINTING BUSINESS- A memorable way to print and present your business card, featuring a very clean display of 3 blank cards, based on current design standards.

WAND & SILK- A visually simple, stand-up routine with a call-back finish. Brian opened his dinner theatre shows with this effect and it set the stage for his style of magic and performance.