Diary Of A Travelling Man by Lewis Le Val (PDF)




You’ve seen Lé Val’s work on real suggestion in his critically acclaimed “I Create As I Speak” book, now he’s back with a thought provoking collection of mentalism secrets, written while travelling country to country, perfecting the material inside by working full time as a mystic, fortune teller and mentalist.

This is an UNMISSABLE publication. It’s well written and will not only give you some incredible routines with amazing presentations and killer effects, all of this stuff uses minimal props.

You could do everything in this book at a gig, wearing just trousers and a shirt. No jacket required to house a million items!

As some of these effects use playing cards, it’s perfect for the modern mentalist, the magician getting more into mentalism, the cartomancer or the seasoned professional looking for impromptu demonstrations they can perform anywhere.