Duly Noted by Danny Weiser




Here is a brilliant effect that’s really clever and really different. THIS CAN BE A DIFFERENT CARD EVERY TIME. THE CUSTOM-BUILT GIMMICK WORKS IN ANY LANGUAGE. A prediction written on a Post-it Note is shown to your spectator. It reads, “YOU WILL SELECT THE 4 OF DIAMONDS.” The Post-it Note is stuck on the card box. The deck is removed from the box. You claim that they will select the exact card that is written on the Post-it Note. A card is selected and shown. It does not match your prediction. It’s not even close! LET’S SAY THEY SELECTED THE 2 OF CLUBS. The Post-it Note with the WRONG CARD written on it is peeled from the box. The magician slowly waves the Post-it Note over their selection. The Post-it Note is now handed to the spectator. It now reads, “YOU WILL SELECT THE 2 OF CLUBS.” THE WRITTEN PREDICTION ACTUALLY CHANGES!!