E-Wave by Marc Oberon




Give the power of Extra Sensory Perception to anyone!

“I have had the opportunity to see Marc Oberon’s E-wave, and I can tell you that the E stands for Excellent.”
Max Maven

Marc Oberon’s “E-Wave” begins with a squeaky clean “which hand”-style effect before building progressively toward a powerful conclusion that will leave your audiences stunned.

Using an ingenious combination of methods, “E-Wave” allows your spectator to correctly guess the position of any ESP symbol with 100% accuracy. Any position, any symbol.

NO procedure

NO mental gymnastics

NO memorization

This is as direct and powerful as mentalism can be. It’s perfectly suited for both parlor and stage magic shows, as well as virtual magic shows.

Each “E-Wave” set comes with precision-made props constructed of high-quality materials designed to last countless performances.

“I love being fooled, and Marc Oberon’s wonderful E-Wave, a multi-phase gem of increasing impossibility, did that handily! This very clever combination of methods feels like a classic.”
David Regal

“Marc’s new piece challenged all my previous notions about ESP routines. It is dramatic and exciting in a way that is rarely seen. It starts simple and then just builds and builds. Remarkable.”
Tom Stone

“This really fooled me! Such a strong and direct routine, I’ll perform this in both my zoom, parlour and stage shows!”
Lior Manor

“I like it so much I’ve demanded I get the first one!”
John Archer