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EnvelApp by K52 (APK Android)




EnvelApp allows you to perform a true mentalism effect and to present it in different ways.
It is a very strong magic but, at the same time, it requires no skill.
A real magic, for everyone!

At home with friends, in a pub with new people, at the restaurant…
Whenever you want, with EnvelApp, you can amaze anyone around you!
You can perform a true mentalism effect, without the need of special skills thanks to the special secret method which has been designed to be learned immediately.

A magic gives unique sensations to those who see it but also to those who perform it.
EvelApp will give you magical moments, you’ll have fun entertaining people next to you!

It’s about a mentalistic experiment in which your spectator will make all the choices, with the ESP symbols (the famous Circle, Cross, Waves, Square and Star) or with common objects such as keys, glasses, telephone, cutlery…
Great freedom: you decide which style to adopt and how to amaze your audience.
Once your spectator will open the prediction envelope, he will find exactly what he has freely chosen!

Some key points:
– No voice command.
– No image recognition.
– 100% free choices.
– Easy to learn.
– Simple to use.
– Always ready.