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Erdnase x Madison




This will be Daniel Madison’s last major project.
The retelling of a legend.
Containing 8 hours of instructional walkthroughs that can be binged upon in a day, or studied over decades.
This challenges the norm we’ve chosen to accept.
Coupled with 2 all new decks ripped straight from the pages of Erdnase, in SWE Green or printing press Black.
This collectors edition set also includes 2 copies of the “cardician’s Bible”. A digital annotated version, and a soft-cover re-print of the classic.
Surprise is in the opening, value is in the owning.
Resting weightlessly on top is an all new Expert book. The Bible for card magicians, cheats and con-men.
With a custom extended foreword by Madison, this collectors edition book brings forgotten sleights to the forefront.
Written in 1902 by a careful rounder or a convincing fraud, The Expert At The Card Table has ingrained itself into the tapestry of modern magic.
With over 10,000 hours towards his isolated addiction, this is the first comprehensive guide to S.W.Erdnase.