Eric Ross Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Kernel- After swallowing an uncooked corn kernel, Eric makes it come out of his EYE! You want to get a TON of mileage from the smallest of props.

Chopstick- A stunt that hurts to watch but it is a great impromptu stunt you can do at the dinner, . You place the sharp end of a chopstick at the front of your throat and push it into your throat until it finally breaks. Looks painful but it isn’t.

Mental Floss- Eric pulls a balloon through his his nose and out his mouth and flosses his nasal cavity.

The Human Blockhead- The classic of all classics.

Deck Tear- Flex your superhuman strength when you tear a deck of cards in half. The spectator will try and fail but when you demonstrate your superman strength they will be completely stunned.

Instinct by Matt Mello- Eric’s favorite version on the classic Smash and Stab routine. After a spectator secretly hides a nail under 1 of 4 cups, Eric slams his hand down on 3 of the cups leaving the nail cup unharmed and his hand safe and sound. One of best party tricks of all time.