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Erik Tait Penguin Live Online Lecture




Marking Giobbi Extended- Two people take portions of the deck and deal down to random cards. Those cards make the value and the suit of a random card that the magician has dealt to. They are then swapped to create a new card and the magician’s card changes to match.

Grandfather’s Criss Cross- An apparent mathematical mystery in which the magician uses the top card of the deck to always know the identity of a card randomly cut to by the audience.

It’s Not A Triumph It’s A Transposition- Two people think of cards, and then the deck is shuffled face up into face down. The deck rights itself leaving one of the audience member’s cards face up. It is placed aside and when the deck is spread again the card that was just placed aside is found face up back in the middle of the deck. The face down card on the table is discovered to have transformed into the other selection. This routine includes Erik’s secret to selling “The Magician In Trouble Plot” and includes an easy to do but deceptive card switch.

Faking The Middle- The magician tells the audience to legend of the center deal and then offers to show it to them. Ten cards are randomly distributed face up throughout the deck so the audience can see the moment the middle deal happens. The magician then successfully deals the ten face up cards from the deck at will. An amazing routine to make an average card handler look like a legend. A highlight in Erik’s theater show.

Mandella Effect- The magician describes the Mandella Effect, and how sometimes we can’t remember reality correctly. After confirming that the deck is indeed in a random order it is revealed to have separated into red and black. The magician very obviously shuffles the deck, and still the colors remain separated. Finally to prove it’s not him the audience shuffles the cards, and the cards still will not mix.

The Snap Deal-Erik’s work on the Snap Deal has been regarded by many top pros as incredible. Erik tips a lifetime of studying a move that he credits as the sole reason he studies card magic.

Vanishing Deal- Erik details his touches to using the snap deal to vanish cards that have attracted him attention from all corners of the magic community. (Warning: When people watch Erik vanish a card they very often swear in surprise.)

Snapped Across- A brand new way to do cards across with no palming.

The Expanded Colour Deal- An expansion on a classic Lennart Green Snap Deal application with a surprise ending.