False Anchors Volume 1 by Ryan Schlutz (PDF)





False Anchors Vol 1:

In the past, I used to get this nagging feeling. Even if an audience couldn’t possibly know how a trick worked, I was convinced that they could feel something was off. I tried everything to eliminate those moments from my routines. Eventually, I learned by adapting my words and actions to disrupt the audience’s logic, I could “anchor” false beliefs in their minds. These False Anchors now provided the structure upon which I build the impossible. I’m excited to teach you not only the tricks described within, but how to apply these principles to your own magic.

Inside you will learn:

1. Strange Gift – A borrowed deck color sense routine using NO memory or special tools… Oh yeah, and it’s all done without you even looking!

2. Air Transpo – A visual, card transposition that happens in mid-air between the participant and the magician.

3. I Love You – An impossible location on steroids featuring the fairest selection and return procedure you have ever seen.

“Ryan Schlutz annoys me. Despite the fact that I’ve been heavily into magic for longer than he’s been alive, he constantly fools me. I never see any moves or anything suspicious, yet somehow amazing things keep happening. I don’t get it. But you should.” -Ken Weber

“I remember meeting Ryan: he was a nice guy so I liked him. Then he showed me his magic, destroyed my brain and I hated him. He fools me every single time.” -Vincent Hedan

“Any time you spend studying his work is worthy of your time.” -John Carey

“Ryan’s magic is ridiculously clever and completely fooling.” -Cameron Francis