False Anchors Volume 2 by Ryan Schlutz (PDF)





Equifinality: Worth the price of the book is what my earlier reviewers have said. Prediction card is placed inside the card box from a shuffled deck. The deck is scatter over the table into 12-14 smaller piles. Two spectators shuffle the piles together until only two piles remain. The top cards of the remaining piles are combine to create a card which matches the card set aside at the beginning. 100% normal deck, easy and very strong.

Forget to Remember: While the deck is in use a spectator thinks of card. After they fail to find it in the deck, the card is discovered inside the card box. I use this scary fair effect as the closer for my card sets.

Card at Any Sum: A very different take on ACAAN. A card is selected and replaced back in the deck but here is where this version shines. The deck is then shuffled by multiple spectators completely out of your control. Despite being shuffled the selection ends up at a number randomly generated by a spectator and kept secret until the reveal.

Sprung Location: A visual production of a card at it’s core, but I will teach how to get miles ahead of your spectators and smack them with an unexpected ending.

6 Covers 6: A card is freely cut to by a spectator, lost back into the deck and shuffled ALL by the spectator. Despite the fairness, you are able to locate the card without even touching the deck.