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False Anchors Volume 3 by Ryan Schlutz (PDF)





Boxy Waltz:
A clever approach to Anniversary Waltz that allows two distinct effects with the selections before they fuse together into an impossible souvenir. The smart construction rings in the secret gaff openly… right under their noses!

Before the Thought:
This effect looks and sounds impossible! A participant grabs several cards from a spectator-shuffled deck. Everything is out of the magician’s hands. In fact, he’s not even looking! With his head turned away, the magician places an envelope on the table. The participant looks at the cards he grabbed and merely thinks of one. Despite these fair conditions, the thought-of card matches the one card in the envelope… even though it was set onto the table before they even looked at the cards.

The One with the High Five:
This effect closes my parlor show. The audience rips a deck of cards in half, the pieces are mixed together, and a participant chooses two pieces. Not only do both halves of the card match… the tears lineup perfectly.