From The Shadows Vol. 2 GeoRomantic by Dee Christopher




In this second volume, GeoRomantic; Dee teaches a brand new, unpublished routine which combines one of the most ancient forms of divination with modern choreography to create a solid esoteric performance piece.

This release comes with a 30 minute video, a PDF and professionally designed artwork to print your own props.

Using just the special cards, a pen and a box of matches; you will combine real fortune telling, intuitive readings and a solid thought reveal in this powerhouse mentalism routine.

Similar to a Q&A act, your chosen participant will write a question out of your sight. They undertake a simple ritual which allows you to intuitively piece together a reading that is perfectly angled towards the question that they wrote. You can reveal the question it’s self and if you choose to, the name of a person relating to their question. (See the PDF for additional ideas.)

Not only are you taught a solid, perfectly choreographed routine, a very unique reading system and how to work those two together; (yes, they could work perfectly independently too!) you will also learn about Dee’s thoughts on justification and the use of theatrical blocking in close up performance.

These thoughts and ideas perfectly follow on from the discussions on character in volume one; even if you haven’t seen FTS V1: Nostradamus LIVES! this information will be very valuable, but these two episodes together will elevate your performances to the next level!