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G Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Merlot- An elegant and visual opener for mentalism, breathing new life into the classic vanishing bottle.

ThumbPrint – The best tagging device to date, no palming, completely customizable, always ready to go, reset in seconds.

Amnesia- An impromptu way to cause spectator to experience the amnesia effect, with just a pen and a piece of paper.

Ouija- A revolutionary haunted deck with a borrowed deck, you are able to shuffle, cut, and leave the deck even it’s “connected”, the best part is you end completely clean.

iCon- The “camera” icon is pulled out of spectator’s borrowed phone by surprise, not only the icon can take a photo with a flash, the photo is now stored in spectator’s phone as souvenir.

Banana- A random spectator’s name appears on the banana in natural brown spots fashion.

Light Bulb- A drawn lightbulb on a piece of paper comes to life.

V2F- A signed card visually vanishes in a gradually and ends up in a surprising impossible location, completely impromptu with updated handling.

Little Heart- A heart emoji is sent to the spectator with smart phone on the Facebook messenger. Magician pinches the heart and pull it out from the spectator’s own phone, and it becomes a red heart-shaped chocolate.

Pure Imagination- A double blank card is signed by spectator, and it turns into the card the spectator thought of in their own hands. With updated handling, no deck is used and a new ending to prevent reverse engineering.

Shooting Star- A strip of wish paper instantly becomes an origami star, making spectator’s wish come true.