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Gary Kurtz – Leading with your head


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Magic Show theory Gary Kurtz – Leading With Your Head


Psychological and directional keys to the amplification of the magic effect

Learn how to use Misdirection and practical psychological techniques to make your magic truly amazing. All explained with examples so you can thoroughly understand it. Read this book, use the techniques, and you will be light-years ahead of the crowd.

This book should be in every serious magician’s bookshelf. And it should definitely be read more than once!

In my opinionthe best treatment of Misdirection that exists! If a magician wants to read only one book -! Then this should be that book This little gem from Gary Kurtz opened up my eyes for the endless possibilities you have when you master the noble art ofMisdirection. Explained with practical examples from the real world.

You’ll also get a whole bunch of tips on presentation and staging, plus some thought provoking essays.

If this book does for you what it has done for me, it’s worth a thousand times the price. I had read all the books on Misdirection I could find, and did not quite grasp what it was all about … Then I read “Leading With your Head”, and suddenly I understood With his practical and down to earth explanations, Gary opened my eyes Do not get fooled by it’s innocent looks -!. this isverypowerful stuff!

To those who’re looking for Gary’s booklet “Direction and Misdirection” – this is the expanded version of that booklet, and it contains everything from the booklet plus a lot more.


I really, really liked the “Leading With Your Head” booklet. It packs a great punch for a small booklet.

Sol Shatz

I received my order yesterday. All is well, except, the books are so good, I could not sleep this night 😉
Thank you. Write you soon for another order.

Jér? Me Obi, France

I received my package two days ago Thanks so much for the quick service Your praise of “Leading with your head” is right on It is an amazing book Thanks so much for having this available -…. I’ve had no luck in finding it anywhere else.

Dan Smith, U.S.A.