Gemini Calling by Roberto Giobbi




“A wonderful close-up trick” -Roberto Giobbi

Whether you’re a pro, or you’ve never held a deck of cards before in your life, you’ll be entertaining rooms full of people with this trick.


Because there’s no tricky moves, and no setup.

And with Roberto Giobbi as your teacher, you’ll be performing like a pro in no time.

They do all the work. You get all the glory!

1. Two spectators stick their business cards freely into a shuffled deck of cards.

2. Slowly, openly, you reveal that they put their cards EXACTLY where you predicted.

* A powerful effect.
* A world-renowned teacher.
* No setup!
* Use ANY deck, even borrowed.
* No sleight-of-hand needed.

PROFESSIONALS: Whether you’re a mentalist or a card magician, it’s great to have a trick you can perform without even seeming to touch the cards. A card trick that fits this description is a must-have in any magic arsenal.