Geocache by Sudo




Imagine this: One person thinks of any object they wish. Another thinks of any location in the world to hide that object. You then reveal what the item is and where in the world it is hidden!

No switches.
No ‘dummy’ or extra billets.
In fact, NO folded billets at all!
Nothing concealed in your hands at any time.
Hands are virtually empty throughout the entire routine.
Zero gimmicks. The method is 100% organic in nature.
No tears of any kind.
No pocket play.
No need for you to write on slips at all.
Consistent handling used throughout.
100% deceptive. It’s nearly impossible to screw up.
Simple, effective method that allows you to focus on the presentation.
Perfect for television as there is nothing to catch on camera.
You can also use the method used in Geocache for much more than just the routine described and in literally any environment: close-up, parlour, or stage. While Geocache is simple enough that even a beginner could perform it, it is really designed with the working professional in mind due to the highly commercial premise and clean method being used.