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George Iglesias Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
Food to Go- Show a food menu in both sides, ask an spectator to help you and select anything from the menu, now magically, make a hamburger and fries appear from there, later to reveal the drawing of the burger and fries has vanish! A powerful, magical and strong opening routine that will leave your audience amazed and anxious to see more!

Burn Jacket- A classic of magic presented in a very fun and entertaining way. Borrow a jacket from the audience and place a lighted cigarette inside of it! Lots of smoke coming out of the jacket just to see there was all, an optical illusion!

Six Card Repeat- A true story turns a simple trick into a powerful piece of magic for the audience! George tell us true story of his life with his grandmother Julita in New York city watching perform on central park, the great Jeff Sheridan this classic, a magician whom after 16 years could meet in person. The cards appear on the tips of his fingers over and over again.

Chicken or Pasta?- An imaginary trip to an unknown destination! One spectator will be part of a unique travel experience sitting in a chair, he will imagine the perfect flight and destination, while he is being served by the magician playing the role of the flight attendant. George will try to guess many things the passenger is thinking including his flight final destination. A unique routine of multiple outs, full of details, gags, nice wording and double reality that promises to catch your audience attention!

A Trip to Cancun- A hilarious comedy routine, inspired by the great magician David Copperfield and the classic Abbotts Bathing Beauty, reinvented by George, this time using a signed card and having the spectator taking away many cloth pieces from a girl in a poster to get a final surprise!