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#How By Magic From Holland And Ferry De Riemer




#HOW is a GREAT masterpiece of the minds of Ferry de Riemer and MagicFromHolland. You are going to love this and your specators are going to ask themselfs #HOW is it done…
Effect: The magician shows a deck of cards, shuffle them and spread them face down. 1 prediction card is placed aside or given to a spectator to hold. “Let’s IMAGINE, the cards are all shuffled, but each four of a kind are amongst each other, so here are the four aces for example, here the four queens, etc.! Can you imagine that?” the magician asks.
The spectator can imagine it and now he is asked to select a card, but to make it really fair, he is asked to call a NUMBER between (lets say) 10 and 40. ANY NUMBER is choosen and the magician openly and slowly counts to the chosen number and removes that card and the 3 cards besides it as being an imaginary four of a kind!
The rest of the cards are placed aside. The magicians asks if the spectator can imagine it those 4 selected cards are the aces for example. The spectator can. He now selects one of these 4 and the remaining 3 cards are placed aside next to the deck.
So 1 card is chosen at RANDOM. The card is turned over and an ace of hearts is shown. The prediction card is turned over to be a 100% match, the ace of hearts! This is a #how moment, trust us…
But… You now say, you have imagined that these were the four aces and as you say this, you turn over the 3 removed cards. They are BLANK, an imagination doesn’t last long…
You now get the remaining of the deck and turn them over and show that EACH and EVERY card is a BLANK card!!! HOW, HOW, HOW….
No deckswitch
No rough/smooth
No short/long
ANY number is choosen
Ends clean