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In-spy-ring by Unknown Mentalist


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A fundamentally miraculous but automatic and self working principle but used very innovatively for nine unique mentalism routines.

  • An interesting and captivating script and story. Heightens the entertainment value.
  • Ready to use printable props. Makes the routines very visual.
  • Multiple novel revelation styles. Creates better impact and more retention value for the audience.

All the above combine smoothly with synergy to produce nine powerful routines. The basic underlying magic or trick happens automatically and you do not have to ‘DO’ anything or make any ‘MOVES’. So you can focus completely on your presentation.

You can start performing the routines within 10 minutes of knowing the ‘secrets’.

In one of the routines, a time bomb is about to go off. And the deactivation code is determined by the throw of dice many miles away and the ‘hero’ has to use his legendary telepathy skills to guess the code correctly and to defuse the bomb and save everyone. This he does and you have correctly predicted it. Not only that but you also predict correctly that a special number related to the ‘hero’s’ date of birth is missing from the deactivation code.

Bonus Routine

An absolutely stunner. This can be performed anytime anywhere with anyone’s credit card or debit card. You correctly guess a special number related to a spectator’s credit card number. This works with any credit card or debit card and is totally impromptu. No swami, no peeks, no impressions. This is based on a very, very little known principle.