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Incredible Self Working Card Tricks SET (Vol 1-6) by Michael Maxwell




These effects will find way into your close up repertoire whether you’re a beginner or full time professional.

Volume 1

– Deal/Switch Mystery
– Lazymans’ Card Trick
– Perfect Stop Trick
– Eyes of the Gods
– Gods Phone Home
– A Real Prediction
– Balanced
– Overkill
– Spell the Aces
– Coincidental Stab

Volume 2

– My Lucky Card
– Sealed with a Kicker
– Banks’ Trapdoor
– Fantaso
– The Letter Prediction
– The Future Deck
– Impromptu Out of this World
– Sacramento Aces
– Free Cut Fantasy
– Business by Numbers
– The Initials Will Tell
– The Master Stop Trick
– Lazyman’s Set-Up

Volume 3

The Telltale Pulse
Play it Straight (Triumph)
Emotional Reaction
Do As I Do
Three Proofs
Linking Cards
Card Sealing
Simple Arithmetic
We 3 Find 3

Volume 4

Thot Echo
Clueless Countdown
Double Thought
1 in 52 Bet
Mystic 15
The Lazy Magician
Hummer’s Little Stranger
A Case of Deduction
8 Simple Rules
Aces from the Pocket
Volume 5

Stolen Cards
Hummer of a Trick
Hummer’s Revealed Mystery
Mind Mirror
Flight of the Knave & Queen
Follow the Leader
10-Hand Poker Deal
Cards Across
Absolute Zero
Spectator Cuts the Aces
Super Closer

Volume 6

The Max Factor
Cheating at Poker
I Gotta Go
The Book Test
Self-Control Lie Speller
Flighty Aces
Magic # Trick
Jumbo Two-Way Split
Match Game
Further Than That
Tap Tap Tap