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Jan Forster Act Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?
INSIDE YOUR HEAD… “Finest Mentalism for stand up and stage!” 40 minutes of pure performance!
This act has been performed by Jan for many years, literally hundreds of times. It is real world mentalism, no pipe dreams, more than time tested –it not only works, it hits hard…

Opener-Jan Forster’s impressive opener;a fast-going structured routine of multiple effects. And at the end you have already one volunteer on stage. Jan’s solution for one of the biggest problems in mentalism: how do I open my act?

Back to School- Real mind reading would look like that; several principles and layers make any backtracking sheer impossible.An extremely strong piece of mind reading involving three volunteers, basically three effects andwith a wonderful theme related plot. A complete different approach in every sense if you would start to compareitwith classics like Cassidy’s “Fourth Dimensional Telepathy”. Cassidy loved it!

Do you believe in Chance?- A wonderful, multi-layered closer, involving many spectators; one of Jan’s closers, light hearted, but still hardhitting. If you do not know the work behind you don’t stand a chance to find a solution. A theme between influence and impossible prediction. Packs really flat butplays huge.

Hypno Numbers- This is an absolute fooler! Under the influence of a (supposed) hypnosis a spectator discovers hidden abilities in memorization and perception. Easy to perform, but impossible to backtrace. With little thought also usable as a close-up piece. A brilliant interweaving of various ploys and principles!