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Jared Kopf Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will he teach?

How to improve everything from your pinky break and double lift to your top palm and blind shuffle.
“Shuffle Sh*t” – A table multiple shift that will put even the most observant spectator to sleep.
Thoughts on the “Push-Through Shuffle”
The “Flops I Know” blind cut by John Wilson and Jared Kopf, and its applications to stack work
…And whatever else comes to mind!
Card Magic & Gambling Routines

The Copenhagen Card
A version of Hofzinser’s “Everywhere and Nowhere” with a strange presentation and fooling method utilizing sleights from the classic books of magic as well as from the gaming table.

An Open Display of Triumph
A version of Vernon’s classic that will fool lay audiences and experts alike. This method mirror’s the original from Stars of Magic, but there is no blind shuffle.

Merlin’s Lost Ace Trick
The classic knuckle-buster from Expert Card Technique, is taught in its original form along with a few presentational touches on the equivoke sequence.

On Marlo’s One-Riffle Run-Up
A gambling demonstration in which the pseudo-cardshark shows how the four aces can be stacked for any number of hands with only one riffle shuffle.


A Simple Game
A version of the which-hand game, with three objects and three participants. Three people each select an object of their own free will, but the mentalist proves that he controlled their choices from the beginning.

A new set-up for Dai Vernon’s classic mental card effect, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”

Three-Card Will
A version of the so-called free will plot with a shuffled deck of cards.