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Jas Jakutsch – Completely Mental Vol. I – III


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Jak Jakutsch – Completely Mental (1-3)


Three volumes of cutting edge mental magic by Jas Jakutsch … who? I know you have not ever heard of him .. that is because Jakutsch is his mother’s maiden name. Most of you will recognize his mother’s married name-Kurtz. That’s right Gary … you know how strongly I feel about his valuable tome, Leading with your Head. Here is some very interesting mental magic.
Volume 1 called Three4One … includes “Jas'” work on the center tear. His anytime anywhere Triple Test is his work on Bruce Bernstein’s Telepathy and Clairvoyance where three different people think of three different things and you divine all the thoughts … Pumping techniques use lessons from Leading with your Head. His work on progressive anagrams for the astroplogical sign is fabulous.He also walks you through a make it yourself impression device. The final trick is a killer inwhich you have a spectator name any amount of money (under $ 200) and then you pull out a wallet and take all the money out of it-including change- and when he finally announces how much money he named, it turns out that it is exactly how much money you have-nothing else is left in the wallet … what a killer.
Volume 2 is called “A kick to the one-a Head. This volume deals with billet work. Switches, reading in the open, getting glimpses. Included are two routines that ‘Jas’ uses all the time.
Volume 3 deals with the memorization of a deck of cards. There is some ground-breaking work on this audience stunner. I am a fan of this type of routine these days … it fits into my being the “memory guy”. These books are not mainstream and hard to come by. If you are interested in some unusual mental magic … get these. I have only a couple of these sets and they are hard for me to get.