Johnny Thompson Rick Maue & Paul Vigil Penguin Live Online Lecture




What will they teach?
Johnny Thompson:
Multiple Selection- His handling, touches, and advice will have you re-thinking your own approach.

Mental Epic- an incredible three-phase routine where he guesses a word, the total of imaginary dice, and the outcome of a game of tic-tac-toe.

Quadruple Coincidence- a truly remarkable version of You-Do-As-I-Do where your spectators random actions match yours in four unexpected ways.

Paul Vigil:
Sympathy (for the Devil) Cards- a multi-phase take on Milton’s classic matching cards routine… with a kicker!

High 5- read four people’s mind while playing a pseudo game of poker.

Rick Maue:
H.D.L. (Human Lie Detector)- Rick impresses the entire room with his ability to discern the truth and discover which spectator from a group is holding an object. When he reveals the method, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and amused at how thoroughly baffled you were by something you already know.

Final Picture- learn how Rick correctly predicts the actions of a spectator trying to find an object hidden under one of four cups.