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Jon Racherbaumer – Centric Doubles


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This is a detailed and thoroughly researched work on double lifts taken from the center of the deck, or so called center double lifts.

A double lift is one of the hardest moves to do well and at the same time one of the most practical and useful moves in magic. One strategy to make a double lift more deceptive is to take two cards from the center rather than from the top of the deck. The downside of this strategy is that the utility of the move is reduced. Nevertheless, for the expert card handler it is worthwhile to study these types of double lifts and acquire one or two versions for one’s card move toolbox.

You will learn the following moves:

T. Nelson Downs’ Method
Avis Center Double Lift
Double Lift from Fan (Dai Vernon)
Marlo’s Double from a Fan
The Center Lift (Larry Jennings)
Double Lift from the Center (Karl Fulves)
Spinout Center Lift (Martin Nash)
Lift-Out Center Lift (Martin Nash)
Center Double (Jon Racherbaumer)
Center Double Lift (J. K. Hartman)
Push Pair (J. K. Hartman)
Daley’s Center Double
Gemini Center Double (Brother John Hamman)
Chop-Sticks Center Double (Ken Krenzel)
U.C.L.A. Move (Karl Fulves)
TB Spread Double (Tomas Blomberg)
Plus a detailed bibliography and chronology.