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Jon Racherbaumer – Five Easy Pieces


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The five easy “pieces” in this manuscript are relatively easy to do. The important aspect, however, is how they are combined. The tricks are not the tricky part. They can be broken down into basic, understandable action steps. Or, to put it another way, tricks are to magic books as recipes are to cook books. One should not then equate plans, schemes, or sets of instructions with hale and hearty presentations. This is the reason the extended presentation in this manuscript surpasses mere exposition. Besides explaining the action steps of five otherwise grab-bag tricks, it reveals how they have been consolidated and linked together to produce a strong, psychological impression with audiences.

The five effects in Five Easy Pieces are different and the magical actions are gymnastically physical. That is, cards move in antic ways. They transpose. They disappear and reappear and they flip face up and face down. They travel from packet to packet. More significant, everything is done with only sixteen cards.

The first piece is a simple version of “Follow the Leader.” The second piece is a whimsical disappearance and reappearance of a selected card. The third piece is a quick and puzzling version of “Triumph.” The fourth piece is a bewildering feat where a selected card invisibly travels from one packet to another to another. The final, fifth piece is a subtle and baffling version of the “E.G. Brown Mental Transposition.”