Layers by Mike Pisciotta




If you’ve been doing magic for even a year or two, you’re probably familiar with the one-ahead triple prediction. Two-time “Close-up Magician of the Year” winner Mike Pisciotta has taken that concept to another level, making it a trick that fools everyone, and strong enough to do professionally.

You ask 3 questions, you make 3 predictions, they’re all right. That’s the basic idea.

But here’s the biggest difference, for those of you who know the original: When you’re making the 3 predictions, you write the number of the question on the paper that you’re writing the prediction, so there’s no question of when you wrote it. It really solidifies in the spectators’ minds that you’re doing what you say. It changes the whole routine.

You can apply the method to ANY triple prediction you want to do, or already do. The choreography and method are extremely versatile. For further ideas, applications, and information on this amazing principle please consult the work of Richard Osterlind as published in his book Mystique, and Jim Steinmeyer’s Still Nothing But Mystery.

If you’re looking for a rock solid trick to do when you don’t have anything with you, check this out.